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24 March 2012

Ashley hat v2.0

A hat for my friend. Details on Ravelry here.

14 March 2012

Winter beanie

The longest knit everrrrrr, sock yarn and US#1 needles... ugh. But it turned out really nice so I can't complain, really. And now knitting anything else feels fantastically massive and easy! Details on my Ravelry page. 

A replacement beanie for one lost during a night at an izakaya :P 

09 January 2012

Tokyo winter hat

Nice little winter knitting project for my trip to Tokyo this past week! Details on Ravelry here.

26 December 2011

First socks

Feeling pretty satisfied having finished a pair of socks. They're not perfect, but I think it's a good start. Pattern details on Ravelry here.

18 December 2011

And I'm back.

After a brief hiatus moving countries and flirting with a new blog, I'm back. Updates to come. In the meantime I'm hibernating under a kotatsu (Japanese heated table) and getting some knitting done. Soooo good! Find me on Ravelry here.

26 February 2011

Up next

I've been teaching myself to knit in the round with double pointed needles. It looks bizarre but once you get a few rows deep it's not too bad. I find it's easier to keep count of your stitches this way. I got this super soft and gorgeous "Ecolana" wool (60% Alpaca/40% Merino) from Aslan Trends. It is soooo nice to knit with and I bet it's going to turn out so nice to wear. It's South American... I might see if I can find some NZ Alpaca wool next time.

24 February 2011

love love love

@ Anthropologie again. Wonder if I could knit this... haha. Saw a pattern vaguely similar at the knitting shop today. Working my way up to bigger things so this could be a big autumn project!

17 February 2011

I've given up

So my original cowl (see below) was too hard. I tried three times but kept messing it up, so am gonna try something a bit easier... from CCKnits - the Cali Cowl! Fingers crossed it works!

11 February 2011

What I'm going to make next

Not sure why they have this male model guy here. But yes I shall be making this cowl scarfy thing. Just took the big step of getting circular needles, eek! Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon and knitting here I come! Pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website (you have to sign up to get the free patterns) via Ravelry.

09 February 2011

Knitting: complete!

So I've successfully finished my first project in 5 days... stoked! These were relatively easy, and I might make some more when it is actually winter... hmm. But probably in a plain colour like cream so you can see the cable better. Now the big question is what to make now? I should probably finish the mens' waistcoat I have to make before a wedding on Sunday (he's the best man) and the dress that I'm supposedly wearing to said wedding... so it's back to sewing I guess, for a few days anyway.

I know these look a bit lopsided, but they're not - it's just the camera angle!

Note: for pattern details - see below.

07 February 2011

Knitting so far

I've almost finished the first fingerless glove! Loving the cable!

06 February 2011

Knitting has commenced!

Note: this is the pattern, not my actual knitting! Hopefully it will look something like this!

My mum said the scarf would be too hard for me so I relented and am doing something smaller and faster. It's a cable-knit fingerless glove pattern above that I got for free from Getting Purly Wit It - they look super cute. Going ok so far, I taught myself how to do cables via this video and it really helped. It was done on massive needles, which were easy to see. Definitely recommend it. Anyway, back to it!